Welcome to the home of Southwestern College Athletic Training! We have been fixing broken Builders since 1986 and still take pride in the care we provide to SC's approximately 300 student-athletes competing in 13 NAIA sports.

The Builder athletic training room is staffed with two full-time certified athletic trainers and a graduate assistant certified athletic trainer who specialize in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, management and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries and illnesses. We have an excellent relationship with local physicians along with other specified medical providers, who offer the best possible care for our student-athletes.

Southwestern College's Athletic Training Room is open Monday through Friday starting at 9 am to allow student-athletes an opportunity to use the facilities at their leisure. Student-athletes can receive treatment such as ice, moist heat, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound just to name a few. The Builder's athletic training staff is also responsible for the rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as major surgeries such as an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction. The staff will supervise the student-athlete through the process from initial injury, surgery, rehabilitation to return to play under the supervision of a physician. 


Meet the Staff

Amanda K. Beadle, MEd, LAT, ATC 
Head Athletic Trainer
1-800-846-1543 ext. 6375
Provides coverage to:
Football, Women's Basketball, Tennis
Lock Schnelle, MS, LAT, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
1-800-846-1543 ext. 6159
Provides coverage to:
Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Softball
Juliann Plimpton, LAT, ATC
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
1800-846-1543 ext. 6159
Provides coverage to:
Men's & Women's Soccer, Men's & Women's Track & Field 
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