2016-17 Master Schedule
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Master Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   Opponent
Tue233:00 PMVolleyball @ Langston
 Langston Triangular
Tue235:00 PMVolleyball vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
 Langston Triangular
Fri263:00 PMVolleyball vs. Mid America Christian
 Southwestern Triangular
Fri267:00 PMVolleyball vs. Manhattan Christian
 Southwestern Triangular
Tue305:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Randall
 Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night
Tue308:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Randall
 Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night
Wed317:00 PMVolleyball @ Ottawa
Thu16:05 PMFootball @ Missouri State
Sat3 Men's Cross CountryJ.K. Gold Classic
Sat3 Women's Cross CountryJ.K. Gold Classic
Sat39:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. Hesston
Sat310:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. Hesston
Sat312:00 PMVolleyball vs. Benedictine
 LaQuinta KWU Invitational
Sat36:30 PMVolleyball vs. Central Christian
 LaQuinta KWU Invitational
Sat39:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Southwestern Adventist
Sun42:00 PMVolleyball vs. Haskell Indian Nations
 LaQuinta KWU Invitational
Sun44:30 PMVolleyball vs. Texas Wesleyan
 LaQuinta KWU Invitational
Mon51:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Southwestern Assemblies of God
Mon53:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Southwestern Assemblies of God
Tue64:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Southwestern Adventist
Wed7 Men's GolfDay 2 - UC Ferguson Classic
Wed77:00 PMVolleyball vs. Sterling
Sat109:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. TBA
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
Sat109:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. TBA
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
Sat101:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Mid America Christian
Sat103:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Mid America Christian
Tue13 Women's GolfDay 2 - Fall Invitational
Wed146:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Wed146:00 PMVolleyball @ Saint Mary
Fri1612:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Johnson & Wales (Colo.)
Fri162:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Johnson & Wales (Colo.)
Sat178:00 AMWomen's Cross CountryMissouri Southern Stampede
Sat179:00 AMMen's Cross CountryMissouri Southern Stampede
Sat173:00 PMVolleyball vs. McPherson
Sat177:00 PMFootball @ McPherson
Mon19 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 ITA Regional Championship
Mon19 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 ITA Regional Championship
Mon197:00 PMVolleyball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Wed217:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethel
Fri239:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. TBA
 KCAC Individual Championships
Fri239:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. TBA
 KCAC Individual Championships
Fri235:00 PMWomen's Cross CountryEmporia State Invitational
Fri236:00 PMMen's Cross CountryEmporia State Invitational
Fri237:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethany
Sat241:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Central Christian
 Community Night
Sat244:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Central Christian
 Community Night
Sat246:00 PMFootball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Tue27 Men's GolfDay 2 - Mid-South Classic
Tue274:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Cowley College
Tue274:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Cowley College
Wed286:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Friends
Wed287:00 PMVolleyball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Wed288:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Friends
Sat112:00 PMSoftball vs. Coffeyville Community College
Sat1Game 2Softball vs. Coffeyville Community College
Sat11:30 PMFootball vs. Friends
Sat16:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bethel
Sat16:00 PMVolleyball @ York
Sat18:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethel
Sun21:00 PMSoftball vs. Cowley College
Sun2Game 2Softball vs. Cowley College
Mon37:00 PMVolleyball @ Tabor
Wed55:30 PMWomen's Soccer @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Wed57:00 PMVolleyball vs. Friends
Wed57:30 PMMen's Soccer @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Fri75:00 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Ottawa
 Alumni Appreciation Night
Fri77:30 PMMen's Soccer vs. Ottawa
 Alumni Appreciation Night
Sat81:30 PMFootball vs. Tabor
Sat87:00 PMVolleyball vs. Ottawa
Tue11 Men's GolfDay 2 - South Kansas Fall Invitational
Tue11 Women's GolfDay 2 - South Central Kansas Fall Invitational
Wed122:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ York
Wed124:00 PMMen's Soccer @ York
Wed127:00 PMVolleyball @ Sterling
Fri147:00 PMVolleyball @ McPherson
Sat151:30 PMFootball @ Bethany
Sat155:00 PMVolleyball vs. Saint Mary
Sat156:00 PMWomen's Soccer @ Saint Mary
Sat158:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Saint Mary
Tue18 Women's GolfDay 2 - Suzie Maxwell Berning Classic
Wed195:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bethany
Wed197:00 PMVolleyball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed198:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethany
Fri217:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethel
Sat2210:15 AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Midstates Classic
Sat2211:00 AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Midstates Classic
Sat2212:30 PMWomen's Soccer @ McPherson
Sat221:30 PMFootball @ Bethel
Sat223:00 PMMen's Soccer @ McPherson
Sat227:00 PMVolleyball vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Mon247:00 PMVolleyball vs. Tabor
Tue25 Women's GolfDay 2 - Kansas Prairie Invitational
Wed265:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed267:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethany
Wed268:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Thu275:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Randall
Thu277:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Randall
Fri282:30 PMMen's Basketball @ Dallas Christian
Sat2911:00 AMWomen's Soccer @ Sterling
Sat291:00 PMMen's Soccer @ Sterling
Sat291:30 PMFootball vs. Ottawa
Sat295:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Univ of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Sat295:00 PMVolleyball vs. York
Tue1 Men's GolfDay 2 - Southern Plains Intercollegiate
Tue15:30 PMWomen's Soccer vs. Tabor
 Senior Night
Tue16:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Gregory's
Tue18:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Barclay
Tue18:00 PMMen's Soccer vs. Tabor
 Senior Night
Wed27:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Fort Scott CC
Thu37:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Cowley College
Fri45:30 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Cowley College
Fri46:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Langston
Fri47:00 PMVolleyball @ Friends
Fri47:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Butler Community College
Sat5 Men's Cross CountryKCAC Championships
Sat5 Women's Cross CountryKCAC Championships
Sat51:30 PMFootball @ Saint Mary
Sat53:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Oklahoma Christian
Mon75:30 PMMen's Basketball vs. Ozark Christian
Mon77:30 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Colby College
Tue86:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Tue87:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Manhattan Christian
Wed9 JV Women's Basketball @ Redlands Community College
Fri112:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Dallas Christian
Fri117:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Haskell Indian Nations
 Tara Patterson Memorial Classic
Sat121:30 PMFootball vs. Sterling
Sat127:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Randall
 Tara Patterson Memorial Classic
Mon146:00 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Northern Oklahoma College
Thu176:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Ottawa
Thu178:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Ottawa
Fri187:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Northern Oklahoma College - Tonkawa
Sat19 Men's Cross CountryNAIA National Championships
Sat19 Women's Cross CountryNAIA National Championships
Sat191:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ York
Sat193:00 PMMen's Basketball @ York
Tue221:00 PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Bethany
Tue225:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethany
Tue227:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethany
Tue297:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ College of the Ozarks
Thu12:00 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Thu14:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Thu16:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Thu18:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Kansas Wesleyan
Sat311:00 AMJV Women's Basketball vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat31:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat33:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat35:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Mon57:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Newman
Tue65:30 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Labette Community College
Thu84:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Bethel
Thu86:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Bethel
Thu88:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Bethel
Sat1011:00 AMJV Women's Basketball vs. Sterling
Sat103:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Sterling
Sat103:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Sterling
Sat105:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Sterling
Tue135:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Tabor
Tue137:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Tabor
Thu297:30 PMWomen's Basketball @ Westmont (Calif.)
 Westmont College Holiday Classic
Fri303:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ The Master's University
 Westmont College Holiday Classic
Fri307:00 PMMen's Basketball @ College of the Ozarks
Sat313:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Drury
Thu56:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Friends
Thu58:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Friends
Sat71:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Saint Mary
Sat73:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Saint Mary
Tue107:30 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Labette Community College
Thu126:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. McPherson
Thu128:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. McPherson
Sat141:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Ottawa
Mon163:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Ottawa
Mon165:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Ottawa
Mon166:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Northern Oklahoma College - Tonkawa
Mon166:00 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Tabor
Wed185:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. York
Wed187:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. York
Sat21 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - Missouri Southern Open
Sat21 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - Missouri Southern Open
Sat2110:45 AMJV Women's Basketball @ Bethany
Sat2112:45 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Bethany
Sat213:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Bethany
Sat215:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Bethany
Wed252:00 PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed254:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed256:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed258:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Sat28 Women's Indoor Track & FieldPittsburg State Invitational
Sat28 Women's Indoor Track & FieldWichita State Indoor Invitational
Sat28 Men's Indoor Track & FieldPittsburg State Invitational
Sat28 Men's Indoor Track & FieldWichita State Indoor Invitational
Sat2811:00 AMJV Women's Basketball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat281:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat283:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat285:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Mon307:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. McPherson
Thu22:00 PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Bethel
Thu24:00 PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Bethel
Thu26:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel
Thu28:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethel
Fri3 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - KCAC Indoor Championships
Fri3 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - KCAC Indoor Championships
Sat4 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - KCAC Indoor Championships
Sat4 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - KCAC Indoor Championships
Sat41:00 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Sterling
Sat43:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Sterling
Sat43:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Sterling
Sat45:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Sterling
Thu96:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Tabor
Thu98:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Tabor
Fri10 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - Indoor Gorilla Classic
Fri10 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - MSSU Lion Open
Fri10 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - Indoor Gorilla Classic
Fri10 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 1 - MSSU Lion Open
Sat11 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - Indoor Gorilla Classic
Sat11 Women's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - MSSU Lion Open
Sat11 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - Indoor Gorilla Classic
Sat11 Men's Indoor Track & FieldDay 2 - MSSU Lion Open
Sat111:00 PMJV Women's Basketball @ Friends
Sat113:00 PMJV Men's Basketball @ Friends
Sat115:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ Friends
Sat117:00 PMMen's Basketball @ Friends
Sun1212:00 PMSoftball vs. Graceland
Sun12Game 2Softball vs. Graceland
Thu166:00 PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint Mary
Thu168:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. Saint Mary
Fri17 Men's Indoor Track & FieldSteve Miller Open
Fri17 Women's Indoor Track & FieldSteve Miller Open
Fri172:30 PMMen's Tennis vs. Concordia (Neb.)
Fri172:30 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Concordia (Neb.)
Fri173:00 PMSoftball @ Oklahoma Baptist
Fri17Game 2Softball @ Oklahoma Baptist
Sat189:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Doane
Sat189:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Saint Mary (Neb.)
Sat181:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Midland
Sat181:00 PMSoftball @ Langston
Sat181:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Midland
Sat183:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ McPherson
Sat183:00 PMSoftball @ Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Sat185:00 PMMen's Basketball @ McPherson
Tue211:00 PMSoftball vs. Central Christian
Tue21Game 2Softball vs. Central Christian
Wed227:00 PMMen's Basketball vs. FriendsLive VideoLive Stats
 KCAC Quarterfinals
Thu231:00 PMSoftball @ Mid America Christian
Thu23Game 2Softball @ Mid America Christian
Thu237:00 PMWomen's Basketball @ TaborLive VideoLive Stats
 KCAC Quarterfinals
Fri242:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Dallas Baptist
Fri242:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Texas Wesleyan
Sat252:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Howard Payne University
Sat252:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Howard Payne University
Mon27 Men's GolfDay 1 - South Padre Intercollegiate
Tue28 Men's GolfDay 2 - South Padre Intercollegiate
Tue28 Women's GolfDay 2 - South Padre Intercollegiate
Tue281:00 PMSoftball @ Bacone
Tue28Game 2Softball @ Bacone
Wed11:00 PMSoftball vs. Langston
Wed1Game 2Softball vs. Langston
Fri3 Softball vs. TBA
 Friends Spring Tournament
Fri33:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Oklahoma Baptist
Fri33:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Oklahoma Baptist
Sat4 Softball vs. TBA
 Friends Spring Tournament
Sat411:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. John Brown
Sat411:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. John Brown
Sat44:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Sat44:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
Mon6 Men's GolfDay 1 - South Central Kansas Spring Invitational
Mon6 Women's GolfDay 1 - South Central Kansas Spring Invitational
Mon62:00 PMSoftball vs. Peru State
Mon6Game 2Softball vs. Peru State
Tue7 Men's GolfDay 2 - South Central Kansas Spring Invitational
Tue7 Women's GolfDay 2 - South Central Kansas Spring Invitational
Tue71:00 PMSoftball vs. Mid America Christian
Tue7Game 2Softball vs. Mid America Christian
Fri102:00 PMSoftball vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Fri103:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Fri103:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Fri10Game 2Softball vs. Southwestern Christian (Okla.)
Sat1111:30 AMMen's Tennis @ Baker
Sat1111:30 AMWomen's Tennis @ Baker
Sat111:00 PMSoftball vs. Bacone
Sat11Game 2Softball vs. Bacone
Mon13 Men's GolfDay 1 - The NAIA Contender
Tue14 Men's GolfDay 2 - The NAIA Contender
Tue1412:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Barton Community College
Tue1412:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Barton Community College
Tue144:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Hesston
Tue144:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Hesston
Thu16 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldSouthwestern Invitational
Thu16 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldSouthwestern Invitational
Mon20 Men's GolfDay 1 - Spring Intercollegiate
Mon20 Women's GolfDay 1 - Spring Intercollegiate
Tue21 Men's GolfDay 2 - Spring Intercollegiate
Tue21 Men's Tennis vs. Coastal Georgia
 Spring TennisFest
Tue21 Women's GolfDay 2 - Spring Intercollegiate
Tue21 Women's Tennis vs. Coastal Georgia
 Spring Tennis Fest
Wed22 Men's Tennis vs. Oberlin (Ohio)
 Spring TennisFest
Wed22 Men's Tennis vs. St. Thomas (Minn.)
 Spring TennisFest
Wed22 Women's Tennis vs. St. Thomas (Minn.)
 Spring TennisFest
Wed224:00 PMSoftball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Wed22Game 2Softball vs. Kansas Wesleyan
Thu23 Women's Tennis vs. St. Olaf (Minn.)
 Spring TennisFest
Thu23 Women's Tennis vs. Wisconsin-Oshkosh
 Spring TennisFest
Fri24 Men's Tennis vs. Buena Vista
 Spring TennisFest
Sat251:00 PMSoftball vs. Bethel
Sat25Game 2Softball vs. Bethel
Mon27 Women's GolfDay 1 - TPC Deere Run Invitational
Tue28 Women's GolfDay 2 - TPC Deere Run Invitational
Tue284:00 PMSoftball @ Sterling
Tue28Game 2Softball @ Sterling
Thu303:00 PMMen's Tennis @ McPherson
Thu303:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ McPherson
Sat1 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldCowley Tiger Invite
Sat1 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldCowley Tiger Invite
Sat110:00 AMMen's Tennis @ Bethany
Sat110:00 AMWomen's Tennis @ Bethany
Sat11:00 PMSoftball @ York
Sat13:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Central Christian
Sat1Game 2Softball @ York
Sat14:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Tabor
Tue4 Men's GolfDay 1 - Midwest Spring Fling
Wed5 Men's GolfDay 2 - Midwest Spring Fling
Wed53:00 PMSoftball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Wed5Game 2Softball @ Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat8 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldButch Reynolds Invitational
Sat8 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldButch Reynolds Invitational
Sat810:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. Tabor
Sat81:00 PMSoftball @ Bethany
Sat8Game 2Softball @ Bethany
Mon10 Women's GolfDay 1 - Virginia McCoy Intercollegiate
Mon103:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Kansas Wesleyan
Mon103:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Kansas Wesleyan
Tue11 Women's GolfDay 2 - Virginia McCoy Intercollegiate
Tue114:00 PMSoftball vs. Tabor
Tue11Game 2Softball vs. Tabor
Thu132:00 PMMen's Tennis @ Ottawa
Thu132:00 PMWomen's Tennis @ Ottawa
Sat15 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDavid Suenram Gorilla Classic
Sat15 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDavid Suenram Gorilla Classic
Sat1510:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. Bethel
Sat1510:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. Bethel
Sat151:00 PMSoftball @ McPherson
Sat15Game 2Softball @ McPherson
Mon17 Men's GolfDay 1 - Tournament Championship
Tue18 Men's GolfDay 2 - Tournament Championship
Wed193:00 PMMen's Tennis vs. Friends
Wed193:00 PMWomen's Tennis vs. Friends
Wed195:00 PMSoftball vs. Friends
Wed19Game 2Softball vs. Friends
Sat22 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldTabor Invitational
Sat22 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldTabor Invitational
Sat2210:00 AMMen's Tennis vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat2210:00 AMWomen's Tennis vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan
Sat221:00 PMSoftball @ Ottawa
Sat22Game 2Softball @ Ottawa
Mon24 Women's GolfDay 1 - KCAC Championship
Tue25 Women's GolfDay 2 - KCAC Championship
Tue252:00 PMSoftball vs. Saint Mary
Tue25Game 2Softball vs. Saint Mary
Fri28 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 KCAC Tournament
Fri283:00 PMSoftball @ Haskell Indian Nations
Fri28Game 2Softball @ Haskell Indian Nations
Sat29 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldSouthwestern College Relays
Sat29 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 KCAC Tournament
Sat29 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldSouthwestern College Relays
Thu4 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 1 - KCAC Championships
Thu4 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 1 - KCAC Championships
Fri5 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 2 - KCAC Championships
Fri5 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 2 - KCAC Championships
Sat13 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldSam Williams Twilight Qualifier
Sat13 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldSam Williams Twilight Qualifier
Tue16 Men's GolfDay 1 - National Championship
Wed17 Men's GolfDay 2 - National Championship
Tue23 Women's GolfDay 1 - National Championship
Wed24 Women's GolfDay 2 - National Championship
Thu25 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 1 - NAIA National Championships
Thu25 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 1 - NAIA National Championships
Thu25 Women's GolfDay 3 - National Championship
Fri26 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 2 - NAIA National Championships
Fri26 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 2 - NAIA National Championships
Fri26 Women's GolfDay 4 - National Championship
Sat27 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 3 - NAIA National Championships
Sat27 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldDay 3 - NAIA National Championships
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