East: Locker style storage units built with donations for use by the athletic training students. Custom ordered cabinets are used for brace and first aid supplies storage.
South wall & West wall 1: 5 treatment tables with wedge bolsters and rolling stools make up the treatment/evaluation area. This area is complete with an E-stim/ultrasound combo unit and an additional ultrasound unit.
Southeast corner: A HDTV along with a Wii and Wii Fit Plus is utilized by SC's student athletes while receiving treatment, as part of their rehabilitation and as an education tool.
West wall 2: 4 custom built taping tables are positioned in a high traffic area to aid in the flow of the ATR. A large carpeted area serves as an multipurpose area including rehab, stretching, heating and workouts. 3 bikes, an elliptical, trampoline and slide board are used by student-athletes daily.
Wet area: The hydrotherapy area is comprised of 2 low-boy whirlpools, 1 small extremity whirlpool, 2 hydrocollators, ice machine and sink.